The international AgriLoop consortium consists of 35 partners from 11 countries.

This comprises: 20 from eight European Union Countries (including France, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Croatia), two from non-European Union Countries (Switzerland, United Kingdom) and 13 partners from China.

These partners include: 19 universities and research centres, a regional farmers’ cooperative and 14 SMEs. Together, these partners provide: a range of knowledge, skills and facilities relevant to AgriLoop’s ambitions; an established track record of successful international projects dealing with agriculture and bioeconomy; top-level academic research; and powerful innovation capabilities.In addition, our end-user group is drawn from 5 European Countries.

The AgriLoop consortium consists of the following partners

Click on the interactive map or the partner name below to find out more about each partner in the AgriLoop consortium and how you can contact the key people.

INRAEInstitut National de Recherche pour l’Agriculture, l’alimentation et l’Environnement
WRWageningen Research
SDUUniversity of Southern Denmark
USCUniversity of Santiago de Compostela
FCACFederació de Cooperatives Agràries de Catalunya
UNIBOUniversity of Bologna
ITQBInstitute of Chemical and Biological Technology, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa
NIDInnovation and Development Association, NOVA School of Science and Technology
UNIROMAUniversity of Roma
CSICConsejo Superior de Investigaciones Biológicas
UGENTUniversity of Gent
UNIVRUniversity of Verona
UMUniversity of Montpellier
ITINRAE Transfert
FHNWUniversity of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland
IFST-CAASInstitute of Food Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
IARRP-CAASInstitute of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
IFR-CAASInstitute of Feed Research, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
BIOMA-CAASBiogas Institute of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
HZAUHuazhong Agricultural University
BTBUBeijing Technology and Business University
SJCOFShandong Jinsheng Cereals and Oils Foods Co., Ltd
SDICSDIC Zhonglu Fruit Juice Co., Ltd
SYBTShandong Youhe Bio Tech Inc
SCRGSichuan Runge Biology Science and Technology Co., Ltd
BJAMSBeijing Long Age AMMS Biological Technology Co., Ltd
NKUNankai University
HBNACOLHebei NACOL Biotechnology Co., Ltd
DSS+DSS Sustainable Solutions Switzerland SA
BDCBiorenewables Development Centre


AgriLoop partners map

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