SDIC Zhonglu Fruit Juice Co., Ltd.

SDIC Zhonglu Juice Co. Ltd has focused on fruit juice production for more than 30 years, has rich experience in concentrated fruit and vegetable juice production and product quality control, continues to build a quality control system that is in line with the world, and has an advanced quality control laboratory and large storage capacity. The company’s cold storage ensures the sustainable development of the company with scientific and technological strength. SDIC Zhonglu has established a complete food safety and quality management system to effectively ensure the safety and quality control of all aspects from the supply of raw and auxiliary materials, production and processing, finished product storage, logistics and transportation. 

The company has a number of independently developed core technologies and product results. At present, the company’s main products are divided into fruit juices and vegetable juices: fruit juice products include concentrated apple juice, concentrated pear juice, concentrated jujube juice, decolorised juice , apple fructose, pear fructose, apple flavor. Vegetable juice products include concentrated sweet potato juice, concentrated cucumber juice, concentrated carrot juice, concentrated snow lotus juice and concentrated celery juice. The company’s products are widely used as base materials or ingredients in the food and beverage production industry. At present, the company has obtained 8 national invention patents, 1 american invention patent, and 7 provincial invention and scientific and technological progress awards.

As an agricultural product processing enterprise, SDIC Zhonglu always follows the concept of “development for agriculture, rural areas and farmers. ” By taking actions in helping and benefiting farmers, as a state-holding listed company, SDIC Zhonglu undertakes social responsibility positively.

SDIC Zhonglu’s role in the Agriloop project includes PPO and carotenoid extraction from fruit pomaces and pectin extraction from the resultant waste.

SDIC will be undertaking a number of activities for the Agriloop project including:

Pre-treatment of apply processing waste, such as freezing and drying.
Extraction of high value food components (pectin, polyphones) from apple processing waste
Pilot-scale or industrial production of apple pectin or polyphenol in company.

Key people

Key people

Professor Chuanzhu Leng

Professor-level senior engineer He currently serves as the Technical Director and of SDIC Zhonglu Fruit Juice Co., Ltd, and Chief Expert of State Development and Investment Corp (Biochemical field). In addition, he is a member of the Technical Committee of the China Beverage Industry Association, the National Beverage Standardization Technical Committee, and the National Fruit Standardization Storage and Processing Sub-Technical Committee.

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