Agricultural-food residues are an underexploited resource for the European Union and China and by making better use of these can bring significant economic, environmental and societal benefits.
AgriLoop is a major European Union, UK Research and Innovation and Chinese-funded project finding new ways to convert agricultural-food residues into high-value, eco-friendly products, such as food and feed ingredients and bio-based materials.
35 partners across Europe and China, are joining forces in AgriLoop to increase agricultural sustainability, grow the bioeconomy and tackle climate change and plastic pollution and increase European / Chinese cooperation.

AgriLoop’s concept for sustainable biorefineries based on agricultural residues

Our partners welcome Professor Nathalie Gontard to China

This November, our European Project Coordinator, Professor Nathalie Gontard from the French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment has been in China to visit the thirteen Chinese academic and industrial organisations in...

AgriLoop speaking at the International Conference on Renewable Materials 2023, Nanjing, China

International Conference on Renewable Materials 2023 17-20th November 2023 Time to be confirmed Event details AgriLoop European Project Coordinator Professor Nathalie Gontard from INRAE will talk at topic 3: Recent Advances in High-Tech Biomass...

Job opportunity; researcher / engineer position at INRAE, France

General information about the role Workplace: INRAE Montpellier, South of France (UMR IATE, ePOP group) INRAE: the place where science is dedicated to life, humans, and the earth. Contract: 1 year renewable 2/3 times. Expected starting date:...

AgriLoop speaking at the Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil

Federal University of Pernambuco Monday 9th October 2023 Time to be confirmed Event details Professor Federico Battista from the University of Verona will be giving a lecture on Monday 9th October to Master and PhD students at the Federal...

AgriLoop speaking at the European Symposium on Biopolymers conference

European Symposium on Biopolymers Conference 13th-15th September 2023 9am – 5pm Event details Claudia Vona, PhD student from the University of Rome will be speaking about the AgriLoop project at the European Symposium on Biopolymers conference in...

AgriLoop key note speaker at the FEDKITO; final conference

FEDKITO conference 12th September 2023 9am – 6pm Event details Professor Annalisa Tassoni (pictured below) from the University of Bologna in Italy will present the AgriLoop and PROLIFIC projects as a key note speaker at the towards circular economy...

New international project to accelerate the future of circular agriculture by converting residues into high-value, eco-friendly products

Thirty-five academic and private partners from across Europe and China are now working together on the AgriLoop project, which will develop sustainable processes to convert agri-food residues into high-value,...

AgriLoop will

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EU - CN partnership

Strengthen the relationship between China and the European Union, by working together on common tasks and objectives.

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Convert agricultural residues into plant and microbial proteins, polyesters and bio-based chemicals. Using residues such as tomato, soybean, peanut, apple, straw, potato, brewery grains, oil, grapes and manure.

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Develop new products and processes for the food, health and agricultural sectors.

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Apply a ‘safe-and-sustainable-by-design’ approach that avoids or minimises harmful impacts.

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Demonstrate innovative and sustainable value chains.

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Achieve several environmental, societal and economic impacts from its innovative approach.

35 partners

48 months

10 million funding

11 countries involved