Young researchers community

Young researchers are an important part of the AgriLoop Project. The young researchers group aims to foster the growth and development of the Young Researchers Network (YRN) within the European-China AgriLoop project. The network comprises of PhD students, PostDocs, assistant professors, research assistants, engineers, and other young researchers from Europe countries and China. The road map outlines key strategies to engage these young researchers in project activities, facilitate collaboration, promote knowledge sharing, and enhance their professional growth.

YRN comprised of about 65 young researchers, 40 from China and 25 from European countries such as France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, The Netherlands, Portugal, Denmark, among others. The group aims to explore collaboration opportunities by actively involved in project activities, including research tasks, research plan, data collection, data analysis, and experimentation, validation, under the guidance of high-level scientists. Their participation will be integrated into the project’s work packages.

YRN will organise workshops, symposiums, and special sessions within relevant conferences, showcasing their research findings and exchanging ideas with peers.

Skills Enhancement: YRN will not just have access but also get fully involved into training programs and workshops focused on enhancing their research skills, scientific writing, data analysis, and presentation abilities. These training opportunities will be tailored to their specific needs and career aspirations. 

Leadership and Project Management: YRN intend to create opportunities to develop leadership and project management skills through active involvement in project coordination and collaboration with industry partners. This will prepare them for future leadership roles and increase their employability. 

International Exchanges and Mobility: The YRN intends to facilitate short-term exchanges and mobility programs between EU countries and China, allowing young researchers to visit partner institutions, collaborate with international peers, and gain exposure to diverse research environments.

Specific resources  for policy makers and funders will be added shortly. If you are interested in the project follow us on X and LinkedIn or drop us a message.