To explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life, that is the mission of Wageningen University & Research. Based in the Netherlands with over 7,200 employees, 13,200 students and over 150.000 participants to WUR’s Life Long Learning from more than hundred countries work everywhere around the world in the domain of healthy food and living environment for governments and the business community-at-large.

The strength of Wageningen University & Research lies in its ability to join the forces of specialised research institutes and the university. It also lies in the combined efforts of the various fields of natural and social sciences. This union of expertise leads to scientific breakthroughs that can quickly be put into practice and be incorporated into education. This is the Wageningen Approach. Collaboration with other parties such as government, business and NGOs is indispensable. This is in line with the Finding Answers Together ambition.

The WAGENINGEN partner is involved as the task leader about the foundational circular & strategic flows with the objective to identify, assess and safeguard the sustainability potential of innovative circular agri-residues based value chains.

Key people

Key People

Dr. Jan Broeze

Jan is a senior scientist in the field of food supply chains and food systems, aiming at understanding relationships between supply chain configurations and effectiveness of fulfilling the market demands for food and non-food products. A holistic view on food chains and the whole food supply chain is essential to generate intended effects of any intervention. For that Jan is focussing on the connection between agricultural production and markets, in formal and informal supply systems, including ineffectiveness (like food losses) and impacts (carbon footprint of supplied food products).

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Marta Rodriguez Illera

Marta Rodriguez Illera is a scientist from Wageningen Food & Biobased Research at Wageningen University and Research. Her research focuses on supporting the transition to more sustainable and circular food processing chains with a link to food product quality and functionality by developing assessment tools and frameworks. Marta has broad experience both from industry and academia contributing to new process design, performing assessment and predictive models from detailed unit operations to chain modeling, covering aspects such as choice of technology, process settings, microbiological and nutritional quality predictions, process economics, and environmental impacts. With a focus on research, she worked at several Dutch food research institutes: Nizo Foods Research and FrieslandCampina’s innovation center, and she obtained her PhD at the Food Processing Engineering Group of WUR. Before her food experience in the Netherlands, she studied Chemical Engineering in Spain at the University of Alicante with a Processes specialization at the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia.

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