Based in Montpellier (Fr) and Freising (DE), ECOZEPT is a Franco-German consultancy and research agency specializing in sustainable agri-food markets, the circular economy and the sustainable management of agricultural areas. The company was founded in 2000.

They develop methods for analyzing markets, sectors and their competitive environment, and design strategies for a variety of players who innovate in the marketing of sustainable agricultural and food products (organic, quality, local , fair, etc.).

They have carried out more than 300 projects related to the development of organic markets, local food chains, sustainable catering, quality product differentiation approaches, the protection of natural resources and water, packaging sustainable, biomaterials, etc.

ECOZEPT is involved in several activities of the Agriloop Project. Their main tasks are the exploration of market opportunities and the identification of the preferences of the parties concerned. This is achieved by conducting qualitative interviews with different experts in the field.

Key people

Key people

Burkhard Schaer

is an agriculture and food consumption specialist. He’s working on sustainable development, organic food markets and marketing. He’s a former researcher at the Technical University of Munich and co-director of the independent research and consulting agency ECOZEPT. Burkhard Schaer holds a PhD in agronomic sciences, he is speaking German, French and English.

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