Hebei NACOL Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Hebei NACOL Biotechnology Co., Ltd (referred to as “NACOL Biotechnology”) was established in March in 2019, located in Shijiazhuang National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Hebei Province. The company has more than 1200 square meters of laboratory and more than 20 full-time R&D personnel, obtained 16 national patents. With synthetic biology technology as a technical platform, the company has established microbial strains bank and microbial factories in line with GMP requirements by data simulation, genetic engineering, gene editing and other technologies. It can produce degradable new materials and industrial enzymes such as proteins, PHA, PLA, PGA, which replace the traditional way of obtaining materials and active compounds through chemical, animal, and petroleum extraction The new way effectively avoid environmental pollution, animal virus transmission and other problems. At the same time, it can meet the demand for new materials in the fields of medical treatment, agriculture, environmental protection and aesthetic medicine.

The company has obtained the financial support of a number of projects such as Hebei Provincial Science and Technology Department and Shijiazhuang Science and Technology Bureau. In 2020, it was awarded as a high-tech small and medium-sized enterprise of Hebei Province. In 2021, it was awarded as a demonstration enterprise of international science and technology cooperation of Hebei Province by the Science and Technology Department of Hebei ProvinceIn 2022, it was awarded as a high-tech enterprise and a national high-tech small and medium-sized enterprise. The company obtained projects from the main research and development plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Science and Technology Plan, the transformation of major scientific and technological achievements in Hebei Province and the Natural Science and Technology Fund of Hebei ProvinceThe company has established in-depth cooperative relations with well-known domestic institutions such as the National Nano Center, Xiamen University, Nankai University, and Institute of Microbiology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

HBNACOL is contributing to the project into pilot-scale production, biorefineries schemes and end-usages in close to real conditions.

Key people

Key people

Lanju XU

Mr. Lanju Xu, Executive Director and General Manager of Hebei Nacol Biotechnology Co., LTD

Lanju Xu graduated from Nankai University, majoring in biology. He undertook 3 national science and technology projects, more than 10 provincial projects and municipal projects, obtained more than 40 patents, published nearly 20 papers, the impact factor of the papers are about 30, and obtained more than 20 class II medical device product licenses. He was awarded the honorary titles of “Shijiazhuang Municipal Government Special Allowance Expert”, “Top Talent in Shijiazhuang”, Hebei Youth Science and Technology Award, and member of the 14th CPPCC of Shijiazhuang.

E-mail address: xulanju@126.com