Biorenewables Development Centre

The Biorenewables Development Centre (BDC) is an open-access research, development and demonstration biorefining centre and a subsidiary company of the University of York. It was founded from a unique partnership between two well-established research centres at the University of York: the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence and the Centre for Novel Agricultural Products. This partnership means that they can apply technologies derived from both biology and chemistry to optimise and process biorenewable raw materials for the production of chemicals, materials and fuels. The BDC works at the interface between academia and industry to develop, scale-up and help commercialise bio-based products and processes for the market place.

The BDC is particularly active in the communication & dissemination aspect of the Agriloop project and is the leader of work package 5, communication, dissemination and exploitation.

For instance the BDC plays an important role creating and implementing a communication, dissemination and exploitation strategy to effectively communicate the project’s results to a wide audience and share with specific stakeholders. They also contribute to the sharing of knowledge and best practices with farmers and the bio-based sector, along with policy recommendations.

The BDC is in charge of developing an exploitation plan to ensure the project’s outputs are effectively commercialised and bring practical benefits to the industry and society. These actions aim to spread valuable information, support the adoption of sustainable practices, and maximize the project’s impact.

Key people

Key people

Emma Needham

Communications Manager, Emma Needham

Emma has over 18 years’ experience of marketing and communications in the Higher Education sector. From developing and implementing marketing strategies through to delivering publicity campaigns, Emma works with a range organisations, from academia through to small to medium enterprises, large multinationals, not-for-profit companies and EU projects.

E-mail address: emma.needham at