DSS Sustainable Solutions Switzerland SA

Since dss+ became an independent consulting firm, we have evolved and enhanced our capabilities to meet the changing needs of our clients. 

Our goal is to help organisations Protect, Transform and Sustain what they care for: their people, their assets, their communities, and the competitiveness of their company for future generations. 

The industries and sectors that power our world are changing. At this crucial time in history, they should find ways not just to succeed, but to empower and protect the people, ecosystems and economies they touch. It’s not an easy task. But we work with our clients to do just that — and much more. We help our clients to save lives and create a sustainable future.

In the Agriloop project, dss+ is focused on business concept of valuable sustainable value chains. They are designing conceptual process and techno-economic assessment and market studies.

The primary goal for this partner is to find practical opportunities in leftover materials, specific geographic areas, and applications that show promise. They also aim to assess business-to-business markets related to these opportunities.

Key people

Key people

Anne Verniquet

Anne studied general agronomy, oenology and more recently an executive MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation management at EPFL and UNIL. With a background at the crossroads of economics, ecology and innovation, Anne brings the methodologies and triple bottom line mindset necessary to design business models for long term sustainability. In any projects and whatever the scale, Anne is looking for increased economic added value, minimized environmental impacts, branding and collaborative innovation.

E-mail address: anne.verniquet@consultdss.com


Alice Charpigny

As an Agricultural and Agri-food Engineer, she worked for 10 years in various organizations within the dairy industry, first as a logistics manager and later as a quality manager.

She is working as an independent consultant, undertaking sustainable development projects for businesses or communities (waste reduction, food waste reduction, organizing sustainable events, waste audits, and action plan implementation, etc.).

E-mail address: alice.charpigny@consultdss.com