Back in 2013 two bioeconomy enthusiasts decided to make it their mission to explore its endless possibilities and learn more about bio-based materials and biodegradibility. After yeras of gaining new experinces and participating in several research and innovation projects, they were determined to create new materials that would be compostable, bio-based and biodegradable and have them manufactured in Croatia.

In 2017 we started our own company dedicated to the sole purpose of creating new sustainable solutions to fossil-based plastic materials. Today, Bio-Mi has a team of professionals with different profiles, participates in several innovation projects with partners from around the globe and is a full member of the Bio-Based Industries Consortium – BIC.

Bio-mi it’s :

R&D team (Chemical engineers, technical engineers, technicians, project managers, public relations and social media manager)
• 20 years of industrial manufacturing experience
• EU R&D project experience
• Participation in advisory bodies and expert groups on industrial bioeconomy in Europe and Croatia.

BIO-MI is a project that focuses on creating products made from polyesters. They have a special facility with various machines like extruders, blow moulding equipment, and 3D printers to help in the production of these polyester-based items. In addition to manufacturing, they also prioritize sharing knowledge and information about their project. They will conduct training activities and workshops to educate people about their work.

Key people

Key people

Filip brkić

Bio-mi Ltd. is a small and medium-sized research and development company based in Croatia, dedicated to the production of final and semifinal thermoplastic materials and products. Our main activities comprise of advanced engineering of new bio-based and sustainable plastic materials.

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