Entomotech is a company born to offer biotechnological services. These services include agronomy, animal nutrition, food technology, R&D and technology transfer as work areas. Our vision is to apply biotechnology to a wide range of industrial sectors.

When the company was founded, we specialized in entomology, becoming the first enterprise to offer such integrated entomological services in Europe. This position allowed us to lead several international projects of great impact in research and society. Arthropods had never been considered as an important tool to be used in the industry, but we had the conviction that by exploring these animals, as well as mites, we would be able to give a new approach to present and future markets challenges.

In Agriloop, Entomotech is involved improving the ways we turn agricultural waste into proteins and polyesters. Focusing on key areas like making the waste easier to transform, making the processes more environmentally friendly, ensuring high-quality products, and promoting recycling.

Also contributing to build library of models describing the technologies developed at other relevant microbial transformations built. These models will help to assess the potential of integration with technologies.

Key people

Key people

Juan A. Cortés Ortiz

Holds a MSc in International Horticulture from Essex University (UK), graduated with merits;   BSc Green Business from HAS den Bosh (The Netherlands); and Agro-tech engineering in Almeria (Spain). Torres-Quevedo research grant awardee. PhD candidate in Entomology. Served as Civil Consultant (PSA.SBS) for FAO in the Middle East.  Project Manager for several European Projects (Eureka-Eurostars). Extensive knowledge in insect husbandry. Managed several bio-control companies in Spain & South America in R&D and production. Mastering the mass rearing of several arthropods (insects, mites and crustacean), focusing researches on nutrition and on beneficial arthropods to be use in BC programs.

E-mail address: jcortes@entomotech.es