Institute of Feed Research, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

The Feed Research Institute (FRI) is a national research institute devoted to feed sciences with a focus on feed resource development & utilisation, feed & animal product safety, ecological environment safety and animal product quality. Researchers at FRI investigate all facets of the feed industry, but mainly focus on feed biotechnology, biochemical engineering & extraction, animal nutrition & feed science, feed processing technology, feed testing & safety evaluation and feed economy & information.

FRI has developed many high-tech products with independent intellectual property rights and actively promotes new scientific technologies in its main research areas. It has established a research and development platform for feed enzymes and has developed environmentally friendly feed additives. Moreover, the institute has made cutting-edge breakthroughs in calf and lamb early weaning technology, technology for healthy feeding of egg layers and more efficient egg production, the efficient use of alternative protein ingredients in aquatic feeds, healthy feeding technology for broilers and starter feed formulation technology.

Researchers have also made significant progress in aquatic animal micro-diet feed manufacturing, feed processing code, and quality tracing systems as well as early warning and rapid testing technology for animal feed quality.

FRI’s role in the Agriloop project includes developing MCCA production processes from livestock manure and agri-residues through combining acidification and chain elongation with external ethanol addition and PHA Extraction combining supercritical CO2 and organic solvents.

Key people

Key people

Professor Dong Lifeng


Dong Lifeng is an associate professor at the Feed Research Institute working into the Ruminant Feed Innovation team.

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