AgriLoop speaking at the International Conference on Renewable Materials 2023, Nanjing, China

International Conference on Renewable Materials 2023

17-20th November 2023

Time to be confirmed

Event details

AgriLoop European Project Coordinator Professor Nathalie Gontard from INRAE will talk at topic 3: Recent Advances in High-Tech Biomass Composites – latest circular economy reasoning for agricultural residues biorefineries at the ICRM2023 conference in China. Also attending the conference is Professor Aimin Shi Chinese Project Coordinator will also be attending the conference and present a poster on the project.

Find out more about the International Conference on Renewable Materials 2023.

ICRM2023 will build a platform for exchanging and sharing research results in renewable materials and related fields, in the hope of mutual inspiration and progress.

ICRM2023 is organized by Nanjing Forestry University, Central South University of Forestry and Technology and Tech Science Press and is hosted by EI indexed journal JRM-Journal of Renewable Materials which is published by Tech Science Press; International Innovation Center for Forest Chemicals and Materials; Jiangsu Co-Innovation Center of Efficient Processing and Utilization of Forest Resources; National Engineering Research Center of Low-Carbon Processing and Utilization of Forest Biomass; National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Green Processing Technology of Agriculture and Forestry Biomass; Provincial and Ministerial Collaborative Innovation Center of High-Efficiency Utilization of Wood and Bamboo Resources and State Key Laboratory of Efficient Production of Forest Resources, MOE Key Laboratory of Wooden Material Science and Application, Beijing Forestry University.